Friday, March 27, 2009

Fib Found!

My fib was easily found. Most everyone guessed right away. If you didn't, here is the big reveal. :)

1. I once attended a taping of the Oprah show. It was soap opera hunk day, and after the show, I got to meet Oprah and take a tour of Harpo Studios.

True! I went with my sister-in-law, and while we were there, we met up with one of her college friends who worked for Oprah. She gave us a tour and introduced us to Oprah. I also got to meet 'Jack' from All My Children.

2. I was in Berlin when the wall came down and actually helped remove part of the wall with a hammer and chisel.

True! After seeing video on the news of people dancing on the Wall, I drove all night from my home in Kaiserslautern to Berlin. Here I am doing my part:

3. I was taught how to be an etiquette teacher by Liv Tyler's grandmother.

True! I attended the Protocol School of Washington in 1997. The school was founded and run by Dorothea Johnson who happens to be Liv Tyler's gran.

4. I jumped out of a plane to celebrate my 21st birthday.

Fib! I am horribly afraid of both flying and heights.

5. I was crowned Little Miss Zip Code by the postal service to promote the use of zip codes in the early 70s.

True! But I must admit that nepotism was involved. My granddaddy was a post master, and my grandmother made my little uniform. I did have my picture in the newspaper, though. I have no idea who the man is with me in the photo. And please ignore the flashing underpants!

Thanks to everyone who played along!


Nuria said...

Ohhhh! I love this last photo, you look so cute.... by the way, what an interesting life!!!

Tomato Lady said...

I'm impressed! The closest I ever got to the Berlin wall was walking past boxes of chunks of it for sale in a department store (yes, I thought it was weird, too). Cute photo--I'm sure you earned your title fair and square.

Amber said...

Fabulous! I wish I had played. :) As Nuria already said, you've led a very interesting life!

gracefruit said...

Nuria, thank you! I was finally able to get back to your blog. It wouldn't load for me for ages! I've added it to my list. :)

TL, in the department store? And I'm pretty sure that contest was rigged.

Amber, thank you!

lcr soap said...

Lolol, what a little cutie you were, and you sure knew how to pose, eh? Pretty exciting life so far, whats planned for next week then???

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Nuria said!

Am bummed I missed the game...

gracefruit said...

Hi Liz! Sorry I missed this. Hope you're well.

Teresa, I was hoping you'd give this a go. ;)

Miss Honey Bee said...

I hate I missed out on the Fib contest. I actually didn't know that you were Little Miss Zip Code. You were mighty cute.

gracefruit said...

Thanks, L! :) I don't think I actually won any contests, though!