Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Snowy

Afternoon sun.

I'm so thankful the days are getting longer. At midwinter, it's dark by 4:20pm. It's now almost 5pm and there is still plenty of light. Despite the cold, I do like this time of year. February can be a cruel month, but at least there are signs of spring.

Oh! The raspberry canes arrived today.


Anonymous said...

February can indeed be cruel...I've seen many a snow drop and crocus pock their little head out just to be buried beneath a foot of snow in February. But spring is around the corner; I can smell it! :)

Yay about the raspberry canes! We're going to dig some up from our friends' place shortly. They have some very tasty yellow raspberries that I love.

El Sapone said...

Nice shot. Can you see this picture from your house?. It´s a very nice view.
Here we have a lot of snow since yesterday. I´m really hoping for spring because my wood is nearly empty and with soap the oven is not working *g*

gracefruit said...

Teresa, we had a time planting those stupid things. The ground was frozen solid! My daughter suggested wetting the ground with hot water, so I sent her in for the kettle. It worked a treat! Now we have three varieties planted. Yay!

S, that is the view from my back porch. I've cropped out the unpleasant bits. :)

Do you use a wood stove for heating? We are giving serious thought to getting one. Do you like yours?

El Sapone said...

Yes, we have one in every room. It´s a lot of work to get the wood but it´s so nice in winter. I have an old churchoven in my kitchen and also a "hexe" It´s a cocking oven.
I love it and I would never give it away. If you find a good quality oven, you´ll save a lot of money from electricity. Didn´t you say you cut your trees? So you must have a lot of wood now. Do it. It´s a good idea.

gracefruit said...

We do have quite a bit of wood put aside now, and the tree surgeon said he'd bring us more when we need it.

I'm going to look at getting a wood stove installed in the family room this summer. I've wanted one for a long time.

Thanks for your help!