Saturday, February 14, 2009

Planting Fruit and Coveting Hens

We planted three rows of raspberries on Thursday, and a giant pot of strawberries on Friday. All of the plants are dormant, and look quite sad. I was sure the strawberries were dead, but the lovely lady at the garden centre assured me they were only sleeping. Having been told a similar story about roadkill by my parents, I'm not completely convinced.

Looks like our new hen house and run will arrive on Monday. I've located a breeder in Doune (near Stirling) who specialises in rare breeds, so I hope to visit them later in the week. They have lots of bantams, and some big girls, too. The Wyandottes and Croad Langshams are gorgeous. There is another breeder by Oban who has Marans, Barrnevelders, and Scots Greys. Argh! It's hard to choose.

Would any chicken owners out there have any suggestions? I would be grateful.


El Sapone said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Do you know the chicken with the green egs? I don´t remember the name. But its a race very close to wild chicken. They are not very big and my father told me that the egs are more healthy than others. If you like I ask him for the name if you don´t know it yet.
(Sorry about my horrible english. I hope you understand what I was trying to tell you.)

egassner said...

Well, I'm no help on the chickens seeing how mine were all eaten by something last summer, but what we had were big girls (not a big fan of bantams...I don't like to cook 18egg omelets. Hehe) But we had Buff Orpington and Arucana (the easter egg chickens). The Buffs were a beautiful gold color, did great in the cold and laid HUGE big brown eggs. Apparently they're good meat birds too (I'll ask the raccoons).
As to the berries, I was convinced mine were dead too...but sure enough, they produced tons of yummy berries last summer.

madpiano said...

Can you get hens that lay white eggs ? I love to paint easter eggs, but it doesn't work well with the brown ones and I can't seem to be able to find white ones anywhere.

Although you are quite far away to travel for some white eggs ;-)

gracefruit said...

Sannyas, I know the hens - Araucanas. We have one that is a cross of this breed who lays bluish eggs, but as she's gotten older, the colour has faded. I am definitely considering a pure bred one because I love colourful eggs. Marans are also in the running. They lay really dark chocolatey brown eggs.

Elizabeth, Orpingtons are so pretty. They look like storybook hens. I didn't realise you'd lost your hens! I'm sorry!

MP, we do have a hen that lays white eggs. I'm quite sure I can help you find someone to sell you some white eggs close to where you live. I'm a member of several forums and I can put out an SOS for you if you'll let me know the general area of the country and how many eggs you'd like. I've found that most people raising hens are exceptionally lovely.

Joanna said...

I love chickens, as you know, I used to have some...

I have a favor, though. Will you look at my last two posts on the soap bar blog to get your opinion? No pressure. If you are not in the mood, no biggie.

I hope you are enjoying your new view on life ;)

gracefruit said...

Joanna, I've left you a rather long-winding and probably unhelpful response.

Would you post your recipe for me?

Heidi said...

Oh I so wish I could get some chickens! At least laying season is coming. The farmers market isn't too far away =)

gracefruit said...

Heidi, I'm actually annoyed you can't have chickens. You'd make a great chicken mama! Is it a city thing or a county thing? Maybe you could appeal?