Monday, February 09, 2009


Will the person in charge of the snow machine please turn it off now?

Roll on Spring!


Tomato Lady said...

Whoa! Bet they are huddled up in there!

Amber said...

Wow, snow! Hope your little darlings are all warm and cozy inside. :)

PS - I linked to your HP tutorial on Ravelry, I hope that's okay! :) It was in a soapmaker's group. :) :)

gracefruit said...

Everyone stayed nice and warm and dry in there. They're having hot porridge this morning (with raspberries and corn -- barf!).

Amber, thank you for linking to my tutorial! I hope they find it helpful.

Anonymous said...

My chickens wish they could come stay with your chickens! ;)

gracefruit said...

Teresa, send them over. I'll even make them a hot breakfast. :)