Friday, September 03, 2010

EcoWrap Paper -- Now in Stock!

Our EcoWrap paper is the economical and environmentally-friendly way to package your handmade soaps. Each sheet of greaseproof EcoWrap is made of recycled paper, and is free from petrochemicals. The sheets completely biodegradable, and come pre-printed with the words ‘handmade soap’. EcoWrap is breathable and allows the scent of your soaps to be enjoyed without having to unwrap them.

EcoWrap is available in two sizes and can easily to be cut to fit any size bar of handmade soap. Pack size = 50 sheets.

Regular - 200mm x 250mm

Large - 250mm x 405mm


Anonymous said...

I have a question about soaping.
I am planning on using the HP crockpot method to make Monoi de Tahiti soap but I don't want to loose any of the beautiful Monoi aroma. How can I achieve this?
Would it best to add the Monoi to my batch last, like I would do with essential oil or to add it to my recipe or simply superfat it?
Your expertise is required here.
Need help, please & thank you in advance.

Jack said...

Think this will go down a treat for soap makers who are going for the "natural" and "eco" route!

John Morse-Brown said...

Hi Elizabeth. We've recently published a book on soap making and the author has recommended your site, Gracefruit, as a good place to go for soap making supplies. Wondered if there was any chance you'd be able to mention the book on your blog. You can see the book here: Happy to send you a sample in the post if you'd like to do a review.

Cheers, John

Christian said...

Hi What is the price of this wrapping paper ?

gracefruit said...

Hi Christian - the are different prices for different sizes. You can see them here: