Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Closing Reminder/Giveaway

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we'll be closed from Monday, March 15 until Friday, March 19 inclusive. We'll begin processing orders when we return on Monday, March 22.

Sadly, we're not on holiday but are moving -- AGAIN! Hopefully for the last time, too. :) As you know, moving is stressful, and I'm looking for ways to keep myself and the Gracefruit team calm. I have a £25 gift certificate for a random commenter.

Please leave a comment telling me how you'd cope with the the stress and bother of moving. All comments will be entered into a drawing for the gift certificate. I'll pick a name 'out of the hat' on Wednesday, March 17th at 8pm GMT.

Good luck! :)


Lavarie said...

When moving, I find it less stressful, if every box has a label on it, which says exactly what's in it and where it is supposed to go. That leaves me feeling well organized during the first half and lessens stress when organizing the new rooms.
And just for soothing your souls I suggest: listen to good music - loudly. And loads of tea and Cadburys.

I whish you quick and stressless move!

FuturePrimitive said...

I would book a flight to somewhere in the med and pay somebody else to do my dreams that is. :)

Alexandra's Seifenwelt said...


first celebration for me would be this: I wish myself good luck and after each day of moving time I enjoyed a hot shower or bath with candles, a big big mug of delicious tea and a nice book

Lululiz said...

Oh my, moving again, to yet bigger warehouse space? Even though it means a lot of upheaval, it also means that business is doing well, right? Son cognratulations.
Chris is finally moving out into his first property purchase, a lovely two bed flat. Heck, thats such good news, moving his things will be real pleasure, lol.
And for ourselves, when we eventually move to France, well, the actual move itself is a doddle, all it needs is a few hunky men, music and lots of smiles. Its all the legal hassles before which make life so stressful.

Erica said...

Have a margarita! I'm not a big drinker, probably only one drink every 3-4 months, but there is nothing like a nice margarita to settle the nerves. A massage or a bath would be good as well, but a margarita takes less time and you can have one as you pack/ unpack. ;-)

ChocolateMintCrafts - BubbleBakes said...

To make moving less stressfull I suggest gathering some friends (strong ones that is) and, once the day is over, going for some food and drinks together. Having a fun time makes things easier. A nice warm aromatic bath (bet you won't have problems with that one!) once you get home will get you relaxed and ready for the next moving day! Congrats on the move if it means bussiness is going well!

Hippy at Heart said...

Another move, well that must be good in a way. I have moved home 8 times in 6 years so I know how stressful it is. But I'd have to agree with Lavarie that everybox should be labelled with contents and room. Also plenty of tea, coffee, chocolate and biccies in a special box plus wine if you drink it.
Good luck with the move.

Anja said...

I always ask everybody I know for help. And it's always amazing how many people spend their time carrying boxes into the wrong rooms with me!
It doesn't really make the moving less stressful but there is always a shoulder to lean on and a hand with a handkerchief or a coffea or something to eat or later a beer...
You'll manage!
Powerful days,
Btw... my grafic artist did not fix the logo by now...

Cocobong said...

There's no easy way around it. Just focus, make a list of who does what and when, and get going. Don't forget to breathe and have plenty of good laughs inbetween. God speed to ya!

Bl├╝tenrausch und Seifenschaum said...

Hi Beth,
I can connect only the comments before me.
All the boxes labeled and then clear everything Clearly in shelving.So it gives us an overview of the best what one has been there and what is almost empty. And not just stressful. Otherwise one becomes entrenched.
Love Greetings from Germany.
And manage good. Melanie (I hope the translation program, I can not abandon ;-)!)

Gartenzwerg said...

Everything is said...
Organisation is all. start early, put away the things you need last,at first..
And label everything very good..
I moved 18 times till now...
And all the helpers laugh everytime, because of my postings on the boxes..What is in, where it has to go, and Priority from 1-3
But ouer moves are very Quickly and easy for all helpers..So they allways help again--And there is allways very nice food, which helpers who do not want to carry ,prepare..
Good Luck from germany

El Sapone said...

The best stresskiller is some good musik. It must be very loud.
Than you can sing very loud and noebody can hear if you scream and swear some times *G*
Have a good moving:)

Chrissie @ Gorgeous Guineas said...

Good luck with the move, I'm sure it will go swimmingly well for you.

I'd happily swap places if you fancy doing 2 weeks of Jury Service instead LOL?! March 15th is the first day and also my birthday so I'm not a happy bunny:(

Chrissie & 5 Gorgeous Guineas

Anonymous said...

Oh no...not moving again! Poor you. Moving is so stressful.

I have no experience with moving a warehouse/store, but want to mention that labeling everything as to where the boxes will need to go in the new abode helps a lot.

As well, don't forget to take breaks just to rest the mind/body, and de-stress with soothing drinks like chamomile tea.

Best of luck to you!

Melanie said...

Always make sure there's one box with a kettle, tea/coffee and some biscuits and one with clean bedsheets. That way you can sit and have a cuppa, make the bed and ignore the rest until the morning!
Like others have said too, you can stick some chocolate and wine in there too, something for a nice treat.

Best of luck with the move!

The good girl said...

Did I mention chocolate yet? *g*

Before moving, go to a store, look at the decorational stuff they have, imagine how to put that in your new place and buy some curtains, plants and useless kitschy things (yeah I heard it's a warehouse, but hey, you have to have your office somewhere ;). And don't forget your coffee machine and water kettle plus cups, so you can just sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee if it gets too stressful.

Happy moving! :)

Jane Weiss said...

We are moving too this month, into an even larger unit.

So much to do, so little time:)

Good luck


Minkki_ said...

Moving can be sooo stressful, but take big cup of coffee, sit for a while and enjoy!


Fiona said...

Good luck with the move. Label all your boxes before you go - and get the packers to place them in the correct rooms on arrival. Set yourself a workable target each day for unpacking to remain positive and not to feel overwhelmed by it all. Start unpacking by lighting a relaxing fragrance in your oilburner and putting on some music you like - then take a deep breath and enjoy your new surroundings - have a cut off time and STOP when you get there - then go and get in the bath and relax - good luck