Friday, April 17, 2009

Soaps from El Sapone

I've been a fan of El Sapone's soaps for a long time. I could tell from the photos that each soap was lovingly crafted -- the attention to detail is amazing. So you can imagine my delight when the El Sapone DaWanda shop went live. I rushed to purchase some of these gorgeous creations.

I purchased VergiƟmeinnicht and Liaisons, and was sent a bar of Garden Eden as a gift. To say I'm thrilled with all of them would be an understatement.

Thank you, Sannyas! Your soaps are even more beautiful in person.


El Sapone said...

Hi Beth!
Thank you so much. It´s an honour that you like my soap:)
I use the best quality of ingrediance.
Do you know Gracefruit? ;)

gracefruit said...

They are sooooo lovely. I'm going to try the Liaisons tonight. :) Thank you for the Garden Eden bar. The layers are amazing!

El Sapone said...

I love the Milk fragranceoil. I think tonight I will make a new batch:)
Have a nice bath tonight;)

gracefruit said...

The soap is lovely! I cut it into two bits so it will last longer. :) I will give one of the other bars to my mother when she comes to visit me next weekend. I know she'll be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

The paper is as beautiful as the soap, making the entire package extra lovely!

gracefruit said...

I am really pleased with them. The soaps are just as nice as they look, too.

Selenia said...

Ooh the packaging on those are awesome, and the soaps look sweet as well..never wandered over to Dawanda, I need to go take a look now!

gracefruit said...

Selenia, I love Dawanda. It's much easier to navigate than Etsy.