Thursday, April 16, 2009


Do you like pretty things, crafty projects, lovely food, and fantastic photography? I do, which is why I adore my friend Lara's new blog Piewacket.

Lara is a professional photographer, home-cooking chef, retro connoisseur, and one very crafty lady. She's also a whiz at home decorating. I've threatened many times to adopt her. :)

Be sure to check out Lara's cool Orla Kiely decorating project. It's fab!


sherrieg said...

Wait a minute, that sounds like everything I love! I'm off to check it out. :)

Ulli said...

Hallo Elizabeth ,

nice to meet you and your pretty things again !
Yes, this decoration is very beautyful indeed , I wish I could do ...But than a day must have appr. 50 hours at least .
May I link your blog and your shop ??
I would be very happy if you would visit my brand new very first blog , where you can see what was growing from your great soap perfumes : www.schmuckart-und-seifen-mit-stil.blogspot .

Kind regards
Ulrike .

Anonymous said...

Some people are blessed with so many talents...I'm green with envy! :}

macsoapy said...

Thank you for that wonderful link.
The pictures there are stunning!!!!!!!

gracefruit said...

Sherrie, were you impressed? :) I love Lara's work.

Hi Ulrike, I am so sorry, but I could not get to your blog :( Is there perhaps another way?

Teresa, she's definitely one of these people.

Gabi, I thought you might like her blog. She takes the best photos.