Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running Mad

Despite finishing making all that soap, I'm still running crazy. Today I've pressure-washed and cleaned the Elgu, wormed the chickens, and looked after wee Nudge who was injured over the weekend. She seems to be doing better, despite having to have her head stitched up!

You can't see her giant bald spot in the photo, but it's there. She's on 'bed rest' until Friday.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Hope Nudge will be ok soon! Try and keep her away from the others; chickens will peck a wound like crazy, making it even worse. It happened to one of our friends' hens.

We've never wormed our chickens before...ever. Do you give them pills or what?

You're a busy, busy gal! Hope you'll get some rest soon.

gracefruit said...

She's sleeping in a cat carrier away from them, and staying in the house with us during the day. I have been putting her in the run in the carrier, just so she remembers she's a hen. They do get spoiled very quickly.

I give them something called flubenvet. It gets mixed with their food for seven days, and it gets rid of icky internal parasites. While at the vet, we found out that Nudge had a slight case of the ick. I figured they all did.

My kids were off to Ireland for the long weekend, but with the chicken drama, it was pretty high stress. Gah!

Anonymous said...

Do you have relatives in Ireland? I've never been, but there's Irish blood on my dh's side of the family so it'd neat to take our kids there some day.

My older son read Backyard Poultry magazine so I'll have to ask him about Flubenvet and internal parasites. I don't think our chickens have any that we're aware of though.

It'd be funny if Nudge started thinking she's a cat or something...LOL!

Wishing you a low stress this coming weekend!

gracefruit said...

The kids have relatives in Ireland, and my husband's family comes from there. Sadly, I've never been. On day, though!

Nudge is doing much better and is spending a little time in the run (sectioned off) with the others. I was really worried she'd forget she's a hen.

This weekend is present-making. More on that later. Whew! :) Hope you're having a good weekend there.

Anonymous said...

So glad Nudge is better!

Yes, we had a nice weekend, thanks...can't say as much for 9 of our roosters though. ;)