Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fifty-five Soap Loaves


I know a lot of professional soapmakers make this much in a day, but I'm a part-timer, and 120kg of soap is a lot for me. Even so, I've managed to get it all done with the last two loaves of Blue Amberwood soap made today.

They're still in their liners because they're a bit too soft to remove, but they'll have firmed up nicely by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

They look so pretty and festive in the molds, and I'll bet they'll be even more so once out and cut!

Wow...I can't imagine ever making 120kg of soap, ever!

Do you do most of your soaps with the HP method? I'm asking Santa for a crock pot so I can start doing that. :)

sherrieg said...

Beautiful! That is a lot of soap! Well done. :)

FuturePrimitive said...

wow wee, how do you get those swirls?
Please do teach us all
That's cold process,right?

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Elizabeth~ That soap looks stunning!~ I can't even dream of making so much soap at one time!! I just finished my ume plum bar that you sent *sniff* You make dreamy soap, girlie~ xoxox Heather

Joanna said...

woah. 55 loaves of soap? That is a lot of work and oil!

I still love your artwork every time I see it. Well done, part timer ;)

Joanna said...

Do you just pour into those silicone liners or have you already pulled those from the molds?

gracefruit said...

Thanks, Teresa. I mainly make cold process soap now because it's faster. I can churn out 10-12 kilos really quickly this way.

Sherrie, thank you! I don't think I'll be taking on that much again.

FP, I've got some tutorials to post -- one day! I need to polish them a bit first, and there are never enough hours in the day.

Heather, thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the soap. The Spiced Umeshu is one of my favourites.

Thank you, Joanna! these are Upland soap moulds. The liners sit inside wooden moulds. They're much too flexible to stand on their own.

Joanna said...

thanks....just curious. you rock!

SouthernHeart said...

Lovely soaps! I'd almost hate to "mess them up" using them - much too pretty!

Nuria said...

Your soap is very beautiful.
Which colorant do you use for your soap? Is it natural colorant?
Thank you,

gracefruit said...

Thank you very much, SH!

Nuria, I got the colourants from a US supplier who is no longer in business. :( I'm nearly out, too!