Friday, November 07, 2008

Nudge and Nella have Arrived!

I went for a Mendlesham Blue and a Mendlesham Amber. They are both gorgeous!

The Blue is called Nudge and the Amber is Nella. Nudge is the smallest of the flock, and slightly nervous. She has the most beautiful grey legs!

Here they are all together, sort of. I really don't have a flock at the moment, but rather two pairs of chickens.

Hopefully it won't take them long to integrate. The breeder said introducing a pair to another pair isn't too difficult and to just let them get on with it. They should settle in a few days.


Body Natural Soap said...

Beautiful hens. I love my chickens. We also have Geese and ducks (those are hubbies). The geese are real complainers and jealous of everything.

We let a hen sit this spring and kept a couple of the chicks that hatched. One has started to lay its so exciting. We have one hen with green legs?

Soap Kitten said...

How adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Mendlesham Blue! Isn't the dark edge round the feathers beautiful? My blue is the supermodel of my miniflock of four, but also the most standoffish. Let us know how they develop in terms of personality. And of course, what colour the eggs are! Your flock look lovely!

Anna x

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Is that an Egloo that I see behind them?

Heather@Twin Birch said...

they are just beautiful!!! I've never heard of Mendlesham Blues They are awfully pretty! Our chickens are producing eggs like crazy (wow! imagine that!) My friends used to get tons & tons of soap, now I just beg them to take eggs LOL!

gracefruit said...

Sha-Marie, thank you! I have to admit that I'm a bit scared of geese. I'm really afraid they'll bite me.

Janice, thanks! They're very sweet, too.

Hi Anna, thank you. Mendleshams are really gorgeous, and as far as I can tell, very well tempered. My two seem docile and sweet. As soon as we get eggs, I'll let you know. One is supposed to lay brown and the other a sorted of tinted cream.

Hi Teresa, it is! The wee purple palace.

Thank you, Heather! I am so looking forward to having too many eggs. We're not getting quite enough at the moment (I do a lot of baking) and I'm still having to occasionally use store-bought eggs.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

nice hens :) I am thinking of getting some hens next year if I can get the raccon population under control. I enjoy your blog

gracefruit said...

Hi there! I would definitely recommend hens. They're so easy to keep. Are raccoons known to go for them? We have terrible fox problems over here. Lots of people use electric fences or netting to keep them away from their chickens.