Thursday, November 06, 2008

Manic Week

What a week! Work has been busy on two fronts as my customers prepare for their busy Christmas season. I'm still working on that big international order, too. Tomorrow, I'll take a short break to go pick up two Mendlesham Blue hens. Yay!

According to the breeder, one lays brown eggs and the other lays blue. I can't even express how much I'm looking forward to collecting them. Introducing them to my two current divas is another story.


Hippy at Heart said...

OOOO Elizabeth, your chickens look lovely. Wish I had some, you'd think living on a farm I'd have some wouldn't you but no. Can't wait to read more about the girls and let's hope the weather stays kind so you can pick them up.

gorgeousguineas said...

Good luck with the new chickens - Rescue Remedy is always worth a try for new introductions:)

Chrissie & 5 Gorgeous Guineas

gracefruit said...

J, I can't believe you don't have hens. Do you think you'll get a few in future?

C, that's a great idea -- for me and for them! :)