Friday, June 13, 2008

Accredited Courses at Plush Folly

Led by Sally Hornsey, Plush Folly is the soap and cosmetics industry’s leader in distance learning and hands-on workshops. Based in Middlesex, Plush Folly now offers accredited distance programmes covering natural skincare products, cold process soapmaking, and cosmetic legislation.

If you are interested in making and/or selling soap and cosmetics in the UK, please check out Plush Folly’s full range of courses.


spiraling said...

I'm just getting back into soap making after a long break and I'm so pleased to have found you again. I used to be a LJ friend of yours but I'm no longer active and you have unfriended me so I'm really happy to have found this blog.

Thank you for your generosity of information, I've just read all through and I'm feeling very inspired.

gracefruit said...

Hey! Did your LJ ID contain the letters J and M? :) I hope you're well!

I don't use LJ much anymore either. It's mostly for private entries these days.

spiraling said...

yeah, it did. I'm not around there either, but I kept my account open.

I'm pleased to see you here.

Morgan Street said...

ooh how interesting. I'm actually in the US but (shhh....thinking about going back home to the UK after 20 years). Was wondering about all the legalities of the industry since I can never give up soapmaking!

gracefruit said...

Things are strict here, but not as bad as some of proposed legislation I've seen in the US. Yikes!