Thursday, August 14, 2014

Introducing the Gracefruit® Pearliser

Have you even heard or actually needed a component that will be a "make up" ingredient for bubbly cosmetic products? No matter your answer we have it. It is the Gracefruit® Pearliser, as derived by its name, a high purity pearling blend giving a pearlescent result into shampoos, 2in1 shampoos or conditioners, liquid hand soaps, bubble baths, bath milks and other rinse off personal care products.

What makes it easy to use is that it can be added to your products without additional heating or extended processing time so that you get an excellent pearling effect with Gracefruit® Pearliser through cold blending at ambient temperatures. If you ever had a cloudy or discoloured product the Gracefruit® Pearliser will act as cover up, pretty much like make up, masking imperfections in your formulas and making them appealing to the eye and usable. It combines an array of essential benefits making it a must-have ingredient to your products problematic or not, as you can save energy, time and money by using it.

We suggest that you add Gracefruit® Pearliser into alcohol sulfate or alcohol ethoxylate systems. The recommended use dosage is 1% to 5%, depending on the desired pearling effect. However a 2.5% to 3% dosage will result into an aesthetically pearlescent mix. Meaning that with very little amount you can have a beautiful pearling effect while delivering rich foam and a stable product.

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