Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our New Distributor in Bulgaria

We are delighted to announce that Gracefruit has a new distributor in Bulgaria who looks really promising in the field of soap-making and cosmetics. Domasen sapun is a family run business that started off as a hobby and now after two years is evolving into business. Miglena the founder of the company has been making soap and cosmetic for the past couple of years and is really passionate about it. As Miglena says "Making homemade soap is not only a fun hobby, but also very useful. And as the soap goes hand in hand with the shampoo, cream and other cosmetic products, we established this store with the idea to offer raw materials for cosmetics at home in an affordable and easy way." It is really exciting to have in the Gracefruit team people that are passionate about what they are doing and also people that try to inspire others in any way. This is how Miglena spotted the gap in handmade cosmetic market in her country and Gracefruit Limited will be supporting along the way by providing top quality ingredients for her and the Bulgarian customers.

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