Monday, January 13, 2014

Gracefruit Announces New Online Tools For Soap and Cosmetic Makers

Gracefruit is pleased to announce that we are busy producing a number of online tools to make soap, cosmetic and food making easier for you our valued customers. Today we are launching our online Gracefruit Batch Calculator, which will enable you to quickly convert recipes presented in percentages (%) to a batch size to suit you. As an added bonus the Batch Calculator can also be used to convert a fixed unit recipe (either grams or ounces) to a percentage based recipe too.

After you have created your recipe, you can also save it as a handy pdf for viewing later or archiving on your computer.

We have many more exciting plans for more tools in the future, and we are inviting you all for your comments, feedback and ideas for further tools. So if you have a great idea that will be useful for soap, cosmetic or food makers, then let us know and you may find it here in the future! Enjoy.

The Gracefruit Batch Calculator can be found at:

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