Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, that's a start

2010 has begun with a bang -- a seriously loud one. It started with some of the worst weather seen in the UK in over 30 years -- airports closed, roads impassable, and scarily cold temperatures. When the thaw finally began, so did the burst pipes. We had two in as many days.

The first was in the cellar at my house. I happened to hear it pop and was able to get the water switched off quickly. I wasn't so lucky with the pipe that burst at the warehouse. It was completely flooded! Luckily, nothing was damaged as we keep everything on shelves there. Cleaning up was not a lot of fun, especially while trying to get orders out. Eep! But I'm happy to report everything is spic and span, and considering how bad things could have been, we got very lucky.

Still, I have to moan a little. :) And would gratefully accept any spare sympathy.


Ellen Arnison said...

There... sympathy coming your way. It's no fun when the elements fight back. We've been lucky so far - the only weather-related thing were two replacement tyres after a couple of skidding escapades.x

Ulli said...

Dear Elizabeth ,

so,everything came to a good end at least.
Lots of people are not as lucky around the world these times .
Dear Elizabeth, I am glad to hear that everything is fine now, lets thank god, and lets think a little about the poor people.
Here in Germany the weather was unexpected rough in the north, but here in the south it was not more like some cold winter days .
Anyway, also this winter will be over one day.
I give you a hug,
have a good and quite weekend,
yours, XXX Ulrike .

Hippy at Heart said...

Poor you but luckily you are all OK. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...noooo! Burst pipes are awful inconveniences. I'm glad there's no damage, but you do have my sympathies. :)

gracefruit said...

Ellen, skidding! I would have screamed the entire time.

Ulrike, thank you! The bad weather seems to have passed here. I hope it's better for you there, too.

J - did you guys get hit badly?

Teresa, this is the worst winter I've ever seen, and that counts the two I spent in Canada. It's been awful!

Michelle said...

Sending sympathy your way :)

I can't imagine. Definitely something I dread. We were worried about pipes freezing this year. Thankfully, so far, we are ok. I'm glad you were able to get everything cleaned up and fixed.

I've heard the weather is unusual out your way. I hope you are staying warm.