Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saponifier's Raves for Faves

From Saponifier's Beth Byrne...

Here we are again, collecting data for the Saponifier’s 3rd annual “Raves for Faves” article. So many of you participated in this survey in the past, and I hope you’ll do it again, or complete it for the first time.

The companies that are listed, consist of last year’s winners. We’ve also included a ‘other’ open option that you can use to nominate your choice of any supplier for each category.

The first year, all of the questions were open-ended, and the votes were tallied to find the most popular, 2nd, and 3rd, and so on. Last year, in order to make the tallying less laborious, we listed the three top companies voted upon the year before, and included a blank space for another supplier. We did the same this year.

Thus, it’s not that we are arbitrarily selecting companies to vote on - that’s how the votes came in.


Thank you ahead of time for your willingness to help out. Your time and attention is great appreciated by me and by your fellow artisans.

Please note: The Survey closes August 27th.

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