Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Fragrances & a Free Gift!

I am excited to bring you two new gorgeous fragrance oils inspired by the lovely Saara :

Birch Leaves is a refreshing, woody fragrance with notes, birch, pine, and fir with floral notes of jasmine on a base of amber, patchouli, olibanum and musk. It's the scent of a proper Scandinavian sauna.

Twinflower is a warm, sweet woody floral fragrance combining almond with a multitude of fresh florals, sandalwood and musk. Like a walk in the great Northern forests.

Free Gift!

We're offering a free soap trimmer/cutter with every order totalling £50 (excluding VAT and shipping) or more. These handy little trimmers create a wavy edge and are a great way to add a decorative touch to your soap bars. This offer is available until August 14th. No discount code needed!


Anonymous said...

What a terrific deal! I'm sooo intrigued by your fragrances; they all sound wonderful.

I have a question: I am guessing that your line of allergen-free FOs don't have phthalates, but do your other fragrance oils have that?

Thanks, E! Hope your summer's lovely so far!

gracefruit said...

Hi Teresa,

Thank you! I've worked hard to try to put together a good line of scents. As a fragrance fanatic, it's only right. :)

In the EU, we have a list of 26 potential fragrance allergens that have to be declared on our labels. By using allergen-free fragrance oils, we can produce skin-sensitive products and make labelling a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you're a fragrance fanatic...LOL! You're lucky to have a good nose for it. :)

Saara said...

Thanks Beth for taking these two oils to your line! I have tested them and they both are wonderful - in soap, too! Birch leaves is nice and fresh and very strong, very sauna/spa - I believe Finns will be excited about this scent. Twinflower is a unique soft flower scent, I believe even many of those who usually are not into flower scents might like this!

gracefruit said...

Teresa, I was blessed with a good sense of smell, but my perfumers help me a lot!

Saara, thank you so much for suggesting these. They are both fantastic and I'm thrilled to offer them to our customers.

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