Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cosmetic Tips from Petra at Kosmetikmacherei

Petra shares tips for making pressed powders. There are also clips on how to make your own cosmetic pencils, lipstick, and mixed pigments. The videos are in German, but very easy to understand, as Petra is a natural teacher.

To see all of her videos, just type 'Kosmetikmacherei' in the search box at You Tube. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How very cool - thank you, E! I've always wanted to know how to do that (whether I actually make them is another thing).

If you celebrate the 4th of July, I hope you're having a wonderful one! :)

Yogini said...

That's really great! I just ordered her new book... ;-)

Have a good time!


gracefruit said...

Hi Teresa. Aren't her videos great? I enjoyed all of them, and with my very limited German, found them all straightforward and easy to understand.

No 4th celebrations here, but we did go over to the west coast of Scotland for a lovely short break.

Hi Steffi! I hope you enjoy her book. I believe she has three now.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful break! I sure did on our annual visit to Vancouver to see my folks and sister. :)

gracefruit said...

Hi Teresa,
We had a great break. I'm still suffering summer mentality! Glad to hear you enjoyed Vancouver. That's one place I'd like to see.