Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's so lovely outside today. The thermometer in my car says it's 15C! After a very long and cold winter, this warm, dry spell is a welcome change.

Nella and I were on the patio for a little while. Since we have no grass in our garden (it's turned up for re-seeding), we had to make do with a few bits of shaved hemp.

(I'm the one with the stylish space wellies.)

The cats are in the conservatory in various stages of sleep. Logan, our big ginger tom, is an expert at deep sleep.

I hope it's warm and spring-like where you are today.


Amber said...

It was a beautiful day here, too! My younger son had a check-up, so we enjoyed the sunshine as we were out. Such a relief after a long and extremely miserable winter. :)

Body Natural Soap said...

oooh I just want to cuddle up with big orange cat. He just looks so cuddly.

macsoapy said...

The picture of the cat is fantastic with the shadows. Did you use a tripod?

gracefruit said...

I am so glad this winter is gone. It was horrid here.

And sadly, Mr Logan is not cuddly at all! Doesn't stop me from trying, though. And I have the scars to prove it. :)

G - it's just a quick snap with the D40. The light was decent (we don't get much here until spring) and so I grabbed the camera.