Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Products at Gracefruit.com

I've been busy these past two weeks getting new products added to Gracefruit.com. We have new packaging in the form of 50ml airless dispensers and 120ml double-walled cream jars. We also have some beautiful new 250ml zip pouches available in clear, kraft, and silver.

There are two new fragrances -- Davinia for Dove Soap lovers, and Carena for those who like the scent of Nivea Cream. We have a new allergen-free fragrance - Strawberry Smoothie which is delectable, but not edible. :)

The products I'm most excited about are the new Value Range of fragrance oils. These high quality oils are available at modest prices, starting at just 95p! They performed very well in our cold process soap tests, and I'm delighted with their quality.


El Sapone said...

Jippie Jey!
I have to count my money.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know I will LOVE the Strawberry Smoothie. I really must make some soaps and finish my current stash of fragrances.

Lomond Soap said...

Will be popping over to Gracefruit very soon :)

Saara said...

Yippeee, new FOs to sniff! They all sound very interesting. I've been searching for a good Strawberry for ages, and now you've got an allergeen free version of that baby! Must try.

gracefruit said...

I hope it all lives up to expectations. :) I'm really pleased with the quality of this latest lot.

Joanna said...

I have a strange request, Elizabeth: We once had a discussion about closet organizing (sheet folding) and can't remember your tricks. Can we go over that again or can you email me?


Joanna said...

wish I could justify buying overseas, but it just doesn't make sense.