Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Motivational Giveaway Time!

I wish I could claim this is completely in the giving spirit, but I have an ulterior motive -- getting off my lazy backside and making more things! I desperately need to make more Nettle Lip Balm, and it's time for a new lip balm as well. My plan is to offer a prize which will be awarded to a commenter randomly drawn from the Tupperware hat. To qualify, all you need to do is leave me a motivational comment to this post. :) Easy! The winner will receive a Nettle Lip Balm, the new lip balm that I'll be making, and a bar of my Babassu & Salt Complexion Soap.

I'll draw a name this Friday (January 9th) around noon.

So please... motivate me!


sherrieg said...

Just clench your teeth and begin, without thinking about it. YOU MUST MOVE! NOW! GO!
There. That was my alter-ego speaking. :) I hope you find your muse soon!

Body Natural Soap said...

Come on you can do it. If you don't someone else will and then what will you do.

Get off your hiney and make that lip balm. While your at it make some soap to.

dalene said...

I'd never heard of Babbasu before until your blog, so I am so curious to try it. (In other words, I hope I win!)

FuturePrimitive said...

C'mon graceful gracefruit - be gracious and get a bloomin' move on...me me me to win - yay!
The word verification for this comment is 'eggingra'..weird...eggs...gracefruit...hmmm, I'm onto a winner I can feel it!

chicken lover said...

Your soaps are beautiful and you have been given a wonderful talent to make them - use this talent to spread beauty - Don't waste it!!!

Natalie said...

Ummmmm motivational wisdom? One day at a time! Don't bite off more than you can chew! Baby steps eventually grow into something bigger.
Yeah that is all the motivating I can think of right now. It would be lovely to win!

Denny1600 said...

Go! Elizabeth! Go! All right. That was my imitation of a high school cheerleader from the time when I was in high school (and NOT a cheerleader). Long, long ago.

So, go to your "studio" and start touching your supplies and looking at your recipes and one thing will lead to another.
Good luck!

vicki said...

Motivation comes from ones own inner desire for interest in creation and the joy of sharing. Exploring new concepts and then making something your own, that is and always will be part of you.

Joanna said...

OK. Instead of making large goals for yourself, just point yourself to tiny ones, like, "I will make one batch of soap each day for one week." Pick a theme, or just do it any way it feels right. Give yourself space to explore.

Like your chickens. Lay one egg a day.

Spiraling said...

Just think how happy you'll be to have full stock when it comes time to sell your gorgeous lip balms. There's nothing like knowing that a market or something is coming up and not worrying about how you'll fill you table.

Good Luck!!

Sandy said...

You know you really want to do it. And you have all these people depending on you. Go for it. If you don't, who else will? Well, maybe someone will and then won't you feel silly?

Gorgeous Guineas said...

Elizabeth! Has your get up and go got up and went??? This is so unlike you! .....as it says in the Nike advert - JUST DO IT! We all look forward to your next batch of creativity:)

Chrissie & 6 Gorgeous Guineas

Anonymous said...

Don't think I can top Vicki and Joanna's comments. But here's some motivation hopefully just because.

The world is better for being a softer and cleaner place. Balm to soften, soap to cleanse - your products help make that change one person at a time. Not to mention making their users extremely kissable! That and how much fun is it to prep delicious smelling pans and vats full of natural goodness? Much fun. Just right for filling your senses with goodness to beat the cold and winter blues. And if you need chickeny motivation, think of how the extra pennies equal extra mealworms equal more chickeny love.

mockymonkey at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I, too, liked Joanna's comment (reminds me of the famous "Bird by Bird" book by Ann Lamott). :)

What sometimes helps me is to think about the fact that if I'm not trying to create something (new and different), someone else out there is, and would I rather it be me or them? (yeah, I do have a teeny competitive streak in me sometimes).

Best of luck!

p.s. this post reminds me, I have been meaning, for a couple of months now, to tell you that your Comb & Wattle Balm should be renamed the Miracle Balm! Ds#1 rarely gets sick, but when he does, he blows his nose until it's red and peeling. Cream has never helped him, and he used to go for a few weeks afterward with this ugly nose. This year, we told him to put your Balm on it, and I swear, just using it for one day totally cleared the redness and peeling!! It was amazing! The balm also helped me heal quickly after I popped a pimple. We love that stuff!! (Hope a rousing testimonial is motivational.)

Nicola said...

You may be busy, but it's all paying off. Just this set of things to do, and then, then there can be fablet, and sitting, and hopefully a good glass of something or other.

Just starting makes things easier!

Anonymous said...

*gets out pom poms*

Go! Go! Gracefruit!
*shakes pom poms, jumps in the air*

Gracefruit, Gracefruit, she's our man! If she can't do it, no one can!

*shakes pom poms some more, does swoopy thing with them*


*takes a bow*

Anna-Lena said...

Just do it, is in my opinion not a good thing to say,
because if you don't feel for it,
whatever the reasons are, it needs more than that.
I would say, think of all the smiles you bring on peoples faces,
when they receive your wonderful products.
Feel with your hands when you're making your products, smell with your nose and look with your eyes.
That's what it is about, life,
have all your feelings there with you.
If that now makes sence. :)

Jill H said...

Ooh, stick your shoes on your feet, and your feet on the floor and get cracking to make some of those two luscious items to send to --- me!! Or whoever gets picked from the hat.

It's cold, it's dark, we all need a little more lip balm and skin care in our lives!!

Joanna said...

I am having trouble moving today. Somehow I am needing a little move myself. Some motivation. I wish I had more of you around me. I wish I could surround myself with friends more often. I miss that.

That fills me up too. Fill up, then drop your eggs.

Go Chickie, go. But sit first. ;)

Lavandine said...

I will be making a soap in a new mold my husband just made me, using the whisk technique I saw on your soapmaking site. While making this soap, I will be thinking of you and how wonderful it is to create. I have been thinking of this soap and dreaming of the color, the texture and the odor ever since I visited your site! You have motivated me, so I send it back to you from a continent away.

Quite Contrary said...

Isn't this what minions are for? :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Think of someone you hate and pretend you're grinding them up into the products to get rid of the body.

Minkki said...

Go Elizabeth! You can do it! :D

freshyuzu said...

Come on, you can do it! It's only like 10 ingredients and there no need for lye or goggles to make lip balm! Okay... so you might have to get motivated to print all the labels for the lip balms, too.. and some cleaning of the pots after wards. =) It'll be much quicker once you get started.

El Sapone said...

Elizabeth Go Go Go!!!!!
You can make it! I know you can!
And I´m so curious about the new sort.