Saturday, January 31, 2009

Morning View

Seems all of my posts have been work related lately, so here is something a little calmer.

The view from my back porch.

Four eggs from four hens


aliceinparis said...

lovely pics, calming indeed. So nice to see a view without snow!

Anonymous said...

I agree with snow! ;) Pretty, pretty eggs. And I still love your egg holder!

Lavandine said...

It's been my wish to have chickens for a long time. Since I can't have chickens, I live in a city, I look at your eggs and your eggholder which is soooo cool.

gracefruit said...

S, I believe our snow will arrive tomorrow night. I'm told we're to be hit with a Siberian blast. Wah!

Teresa, thank you! I love my egg skelter, too. And my eggs. I just told my husband that I'm pretty easy to please. He had the nerve to laug at me! ;)

L, do they have zoning laws there that prevent you having chickens? Lots of Londoners keep them.

Мария Горынцева said...

Is this winter? And where is the snow?

Dear Elizabeth, I must say that I liked your blog so much that I wrote a review of it in my LJ in Russian

gracefruit said...

The snow arrived two days later and brought the UK to a halt! We're supposed to get more tonight.

M, that is so lovely! Thank you! I wish I could read it. :)