Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Hot Dinner

It's been quite cold here for the past few days -- a damp cold that just doesn't want to shift, no matter how long the radiators are left on. The poor hens don't get much relief from the constant chill, so I decided to give them a hot dinner of porridge and raspberries.

It was enjoyed by all, but Nella ended up with the messiest beak.

I hope everyone is having a very happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

You do spoil your girls...LOL! I'll bet they lay the best eggs in the world for you though. :)

gracefruit said...

They do lay some lovely eggs! I noticed they were really keen to drink the hot water I use to thaw their drinking bowl a couple of times a day. I figured they might like hot food, too.

Amber said...

So sweet! I especially love the messy beak :)

gracefruit said...

Amber, messy beaks mean happy hens. Usually! :)