Monday, December 29, 2008

Cupcake Happiness

After one false start, I have made cupcakes! And they are lovely. I used the Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcake recipe and their vanilla buttercream recipe.

I do need a bit more practice with the piping bag, as I've not worked with one since my catering days while at university (I won't say how long ago that was!), and I'm woefully out of practice. But practice makes perfect. Sadly, it also makes for a huge backside if one isn't careful. :)


Tomato Lady said...

Those are some pretty cupcakes. I don't think your pastry bag skills need any improvement at all!

gracefruit said...

Thank you! I used to do a lot of piping when I worked for a caterer, but it's been many years. Maybe it's like riding a bike.

I can't wait to try Magnolia's chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. All of their stuff looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tomato Lady...I was about to say "what are you talking about?" Those are beautiful!

I've gotten off my baking kick for the time being, but will need to try my hands at cupcakes soon (I've been clearing out my recipes stash and have found a couple of neat sounding recipes).

gracefruit said...

Thank you, Teresa! I'm really not much of a baker. My cakes are always burnt on the top and raw in the middle (I like to blame my old gas oven, but I suspect there are other issues). I can make cornbread, and I'm not too terrible with muffins, but cakes I cannot do. I will prevail!

If you go crazy for any of the recipes, please let me know!

landa said...

You did an awesome job on your swirl. I love that blue too!

gracefruit said...

Thank you, Landa! I eyed up your photos before starting. :)

Anonymous said...

My dh loves cornbread, but I never make him any. ;) I'll bet it is your oven that's wreaking havoc on your baked good.

Will let you know if I find a good recipe!

Joanna said...

When your behind gets really big and you can't fit through the door, you know you've made it JUST RIGHT~!

They are perfect. So glad you are finally with cuppy-cake and not fondant.

gracefruit said...

Teresa, I'm sure the oven contributes to my failure. Baking is so precise, though, and I'm an ingredient flinger. I really have to be more disciplined.

Joanna, these were pretty nice. I might have to set up a treadmill-powered oven. :)