Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pretty Paper

Frequent readers of my blog know about my obsession with note cards, but in case you missed it -- I love note cards! And I especially love handmade note cards. Recently, I participated in a swap with Teresa. For a few bars of soap, she sent me a gorgeous array of handmade cards made from handmade paper! Aren't they pretty?

And they smell as lovely as they look, too. She's lightly scented the paper with beautiful fragrance.

Thank you, Teresa!

After catching up with Gracefruit orders, I began working on a very large wholesale order for an overseas client. Here are a few of the soaps she's getting.

Lastly, we didn't get to pick up our new hens at the weekend because the weather was horrid. Skies willing, we'll get them this Saturday. Here's hoping the Met Office's snow prediction is as crazy as it sounds.


Joanna said...

hose are beautiful. Is there a trick to releasing your loaves (other than break-aways)? Someone wants to buy loaves from me - can you believe it? Anyway, yours are so lovely. Any advice?

Body Natural Soap said...

Wow Gracefruit you always have such beautiful loaves. I love the blue.

I love the note cards they are really wonderful. She makes the paper is it recycled. I have been toying on the idea of making paper out of my old bills and all the junk mail I get.

Tomato Lady said...

That soap is stunning. And the photograph is beautiful. I am impressed by the cards, too. Thanks for showing them both.

Anonymous said...

They were fun to make; thanks so much for your kind words!!

Your soaps are works of art!

Good luck with getting your hens this weekend. I gather you have a heated house for them? We need to put electricity down in our field where the fowl hut is. We have to change their water a couple of times a day in the midst of winter...not the most fun chore on the homestead, you might imagine. ;>

gracefruit said...

Thanks, Joanna -- Congratulations! And of course I can believe it. For smooth soap loaves, try Upland soap molds. They're the best. They have silicone liners.

Thank you, Sha-Marie -- she made the paper by hand, but I'm not sure how. I bet if we ask her nicely, she'll tell us. :)

TL- thank you! I really like your blog. I've added it to my reading list.

Teresa, thank you so much for swapping with me. I am going to be stingy with my cards. They're only going to people I REALLY like.

Our chickens sleep in an Eglu which stays pretty warm in winter. I hope the two additional bodies help with the heat, too. Have you tried putting a ping pong ball in the water? It's supposed to help keep it from freezing.

Croap Queen said...

Lovely soaps as ever and lovely cards too!

charlie said...

Beautiful soaps, and I don't know about the weather in Scotland, but here down south it snowed last night. I knew England would be colder than Italy bit this is taking it too far!

gracefruit said...

Thank you, Jo!

Charlie, I can't believe it's snowing before Halloween!