Thursday, May 01, 2008

Japanese Soap Books

I'm still busy with the sale, but I had to post about an exciting delivery which arrived from Japan yesterday. Two new soap books!

I don't speak a word of Japanese, but I plan to 'read' these tonight (meaning I'll be gawking at the gorgeous photography while searching for inspiration).


Yuriko said...

There are two 'charisma soapers'(meaning famous and credible soapers, we make up funny English words) in Japan. 'Maeda Kyoko'(the book on the left is hers) is one of them. 'Obata Yukiko' (aka TAO) is the other. Their styles of soap making are very different. Many Japanese soapers (including myself) have both of their books and try each style and recipe and sometimes make something in between.

I received my order from you today. That was quick! Thank you.

gracefruit said...

Hi Yuriko! Thank you for that. It's nice to know a little something about the authors. Yukiko's book is just breathtaking, but oddly, I find more inspiration in the Kyoko book.

Could you recommend any others?

Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

Gracefruit, I have seen one of these books and wanted to order but, the page where I saw it was in Japanese. Please tell where and how to order them. If you don't mind.

Thank you,


gracefruit said...

Hi Alicia,

Just use the Google translator to view the page in English. I ordered from this way and it was very easy!

Haruna said...

>I'll be gawking at the gorgeous photography while searching for inspiration

I love this idea!

Your web site also gave me a great extend of inspiration ;)

gracefruit said...

Thank you, Haruna! I hope you find the books as helpful as I did.