Monday, May 26, 2008


Logan T. Cat

Don't be fooled by the sleepy face and cute paws. He's dangerous.

On Thursday evening, he was happily sitting on my lap when a pile of books inexplicably fell of the desk that no one was near or touching. The noise sent Logan into a running, clawing frenzy which ended with my having a vein in my arm nicked. I'll spare you the hammer horror details, but I will say seeing your own arm in that sort of state is enough to make a person faint. (I didn't)

It's still very sore which means I'm not making any soap. :( I need a surrogate soapmaker. The withdrawals are killing me!


Gorgeous Guineas said...

Sorry to hear about your wound, that sounds like a traumatic experience. I hope you will soon be back at the cauldron! Now I know why I have guinea pigs:)

Chrissie & 9 Gorgeous Guineas

Joanna Schmidt said...

Oh feel better! That sounds awful. I continue to injure myself pretty regularly with or without my kitties.

Some were born graceful, yeah?

gracefruit said...

Thanks, Chrissie. I don't think a guinea could do this much damage. I still can't bend my arm properly!

Please boosh the piggies for me.

Joanna, I can relate! Logan weighs 18 pounds and is usually pretty agile. It's when he's being a big freak that he loses his grace. :)

Suds to Love said...

I hope you heal quickly... I know how I would hate not being able to soap. I just have dogs, and when the 100# lap dog hears something outside, he's up and off your lap in a heart beat and doesn't care what he shoves off on (usually my stomach or leg with dog claws!).


gracefruit said...

Thank you, Tricia! It's a good thing our fur-babies are cute, huh? Those back claws are sharp, even when clipped -- especially if they're running at full speed.