Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Do You DaWanda?

I love handmade goods – soaps, greeting cards, jewellery, clothing – you name it. When shopping for gifts, I try to find handcrafted items because the quality is so much better than mass-produced imports. I also feel it’s important to support the artisans who take the time to make these wonderful products.

If you like handmade things, too, I recommend you check out DaWanda. It’s a place for European crafters to buy and sell their wares. I’ve recently set up a shop, but I enjoy DaWanda more for browsing and shopping. There are some unbelievably talented crafters there.


dcyrill said...


I viewed your store. It looks great. :) I will have to look at the other products later. Looks like a European version of

gracefruit said...

Oh, thanks! I need to get off my lazy rear and make a header for the shop.

DaWanda is a lot like etsy, but they don't charge any listing fees (I think etsy does, but I'm not sure). The items on both sites are fantastic. There is a girl on etsy who makes aprons just for soapmakers. I'll be shopping with her soon!