Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rebatch, Sort of

My soapmaking friends know the word 'rebatch' isn't in my soap vocabulary. I tried it once with unbelievably bad results. I added too much liquid and the soap never hardened. I ended up binning the batch.

So when I had this batch of vanilla musk soap refuse to unmold properly, I grated the rather ugly bars into fine bits, sprayed the shavings with only a dusting of water, and reformed the soap into balls. Once they'd hardened, I used a wet paintbrush to apply the dried flowers.

I was much happier reusing the soap this way. Maybe one day I'll learn to rebatch properly.


Anonymous said...

Even you NONsoapy friends know that 'rebatch' isn't in your vocabulary :D

I love the flowers on the soap but they are too pretty to use. I'd put them out just for show!


gracefruit said...

Thanks! I used these to decorate my market booth for a time. They worked well.

briallen said...

I've been wondering about making soap balls, will have to have a go now!

Those flowers are very effective.

gracefruit said...

Soap balls are pretty easy to make with soft cold process. I only did it this way because the soap smelled too nice to waste!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Those are REALLY pretty. What a lovely "mistake!" They offer a glimpse of warmer weather! Yay!

gracefruit said...

Trying again, Heather. :) I seem to have confused my feeble brain.

Thank you!