Monday, February 25, 2008

Soaping Your Aura

I was not at my best on Saturday. An aggravating Friday and a restless night obsessing about it had left me tired and grumpy. I should know better than to try to make soap while in such a foul mood.

My plan was to make a double batch of sheep's milk, oats, and honey soap. I created what can only be described as devil soap. And the process of making it was horrible, too. The honey wouldn't dissolve properly in the lye solution, I had a caustic splash (thank goodness for eye protection), and the soap didn't want to trace. In the end, I had this:

The soap was filled with pockets of caustic honey and promptly binned.

Fast forward to Sunday which was a much nicer day. My mood had lifted and I made three blissfully uneventful soaps:

After this experience I'm totally convinced one's moods go directly into one's work. I hereby pledge never to soap while grumpy again.


macsoapy said...

Sometimes I am not in the mood for soapmaking. Afterwards you can see the difference to my good-mood-batches.
But those nasty lye pockets I've never experienced. Finger crossed.

gracefruit said...

I was very, very grumpy. :) This was the first time I've ever had any caustic hot spots in my soap. I hope it's the last.

Anonymous said...

Never soap when you're grumpy!

The three other loaves look just lovely. What are they?


Joanna Schmidt said...

Beautiful ending to a nasty fairy tale... ")

gracefruit said...

I've learned my lesson! The soaps are (from left to right):

white ginger and myrrh
sheep's milk, oats, and honey

All happy soaps. :)

Joanna, that devil soap was horrid. I was worried I'd lost my mo-jo.

Holly said...

There is a company here in the US that won't allow an employee to make soap if they are in a bad mood. They say their bad 'tude will poo-poo in the soap's juju. :)

gracefruit said...

Holly, I believe it! I wonder if this rule should apply to chefs, too. ;)

Elizabeth x