Monday, January 07, 2008

Einfach Seife Redesign

While I slacked off and played baseball on the new Wii, Gabi was hard at work revamping her website - Einfach Seife. And it looks wonderful! Please do stop by for a look.


Npigas-Myrenia said...

I love the photos in the site. Very professional!
By the way I made several batches during the Holiday period using the hot process method.
Your tutorial was always opened :) :) :) .
My camera is broken and I cannot send you my pictures, but I can tell you that my friends and clients loved all the soaps.
Also I personally loved the small batch I made for myshelf with the "Christmas Spice" FO . Thank you.

gracefruit said...

Hey! Happy New Year!

I'm so glad you had success with your HP soaps. :)

macsoapy said...

Thank you Beth for posting the inforamtion and the picture
I am a bit late for saying thank you. But I appreciate it very much.

gracefruit said...

It needed to be shown.:) It looks fabulous!

Michelle said...

The site is great. The pictures look wonderful and I like the colors used.

gracefruit said...

I think it looks great, too! Gabi has been helping me get my site in order, too.