Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scottish Blossom Honey Soap

This is one of my favourite soaps to make. Just a small amount of honey makes such a difference to the finished bars. The batch I made here was fairly small -- about 1.5kg, and I added 2T of dark blossom honey to my oils before adding the caustic soda solution. The result is a beautiful natural colourant and a soap containing the wonderful humectant properties of honey.

The 'honeycomb' effect is super easy to achieve. Just cut a bit of bubble wrap and press it into the soap as soon as it's poured into the mould. Once the soap has hardened, carefully peel it away.


I'll have some exciting news to report, hopefully on Friday. I've been working behind the scenes with another soapmaker on a new project that's nearly ready for launch!


Anonymous said...

Another creation!
Bubble wrap turns out to be great for many things...

It would be really interesting to find out about that mysterious project behind the scenes :). Good luck!


Anonymous said...

You are sooo talented.

Good luck with the project.

A x

gracefruit said...

Hopefully everything will be ready to go by Friday. And thank you!

Watch this space. :)

Npigas-Myrenia said...

Good luck with your project! I wish you best of luck.
Also the bubble wrap is perfect idea!
PS I did not forget about the photo of my fisrt attemp in hot process, but it was a disaster :(, so I think it is better to avoid it.

gracefruit said...

Oh no! Sorry you didn't have a successful first go. My first batch looked okay, but my second looked like the dog's breakfast. I'm sure you'll have better luck next time.