Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Buttermilk, Carrot, and Honey Soap

I’m the first to admit that I love synthetic fragrances. I feel they give a depth and roundness that essential oils just can’t offer, and I use them in nearly all of my soaps.

But sometimes, I want a truly natural soap – something wholesome and pure, and free from anything artificial*. My favourite natural soap is carrot and buttermilk with avocado oil and honey.

I start with a lye solution made with 100% carrot juice. The base recipe is

55% Olive oil
20% Coconut oil
25% Avocado oil

After the soap has cooked, I add a slurry of unrefined avocado oil, buttermilk powder, and honey before pouring the soap into the moulds. I don’t add any fragrance to this soap, but a blend of palmarosa, howood, and lavender would be lovely.

*The photo I’ve posted is a slight cheat as I did add a tiny bit of green colorant to the batch.


Raindrops said...

Nice blog. Tricia

gracefruit said...

Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :)

Irish Sallygardens said...

Personally I don't like or use synthetic smells, essential oils do it for me ... but like painters, every soapmaker has their own personal style in the creation of aroma, shape, colour and texture. These little beauties are look gorgeous.

Does using honey make this soap soft? And does it give an aroma you can detect in the finished soap? I keep bees and I'm keen to experiment with honey and wax in my soap.

gracefruit said...

I'm hopeless with essentials. One day I'll write about the cat pee bath salts I made with ginger and cedarwood EOs. Blech!

The honey doesn't soften the soap at all, but I only used a couple of tablespoons. The fragrance does come through, and would even more with the addition of oats.