Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Utility Soap

Drastic measures for dirty hands...

My neighbour at work owns a garage and works on cars all day. As you can imagine, his hands get pretty grimy, so he asked me to come up with something to help. My solution was a 100% babassu oil soap with cornmeal, and it works well. I superfatted it to 15%, but I think you could go as high as 20%.

Babassu can be pricey and difficult to find, but any oil high in lauric acid (such as coconut or palm kernel) can easily be substituted. Cornmeal isn't essential either -- any scrubby substance will do. You could try pumice, finely ground almond or walnut shells, or even powdered fruit rinds.

The lather from a soap this high in lauric acid is amazing, and the cornmeal really ferrets out stubborn dirt. Coupled with a nice shea butter cream or lotion bar, it would make a great gift for the gardener on your Christmas list.

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